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    Francois BORIE

    Hi !

    Do you plan to set up automatic startup at boot for ambari-agents and ambari-server components ?

    It would be great if those components could have an entry in /etc/init.d/ directory and if we could be able to add them for automatic startups with chkconfig for example.

    Currently, if a host reboots for an unexpected reason, host is not reintegrated automatically to the HDP cluster.

    In addition, maybe the next step will be to also start Hadoop services that should be started by this ‘just-rebooted’ node.

    In our case, manual action is not the best choice. For example, if a node reboots during the night, it can cause more unavailability time than if the node reintegrated itself to the cluster. For a datanode, this is not a big problem. But for Namenode or Jobtracker daemons for example, it’s more critical (I don’t take the time to implement Namenode HA for the moment)

    Many thanks in advance for your answer and thanks for this great Hadoop distrib,



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    Larry Liu

    Hi, Bobo

    Thanks for using HDP.

    Your idea is a great idea. Actually, we have this in our plan.

    At this moment as a workaround, you can try to put restart command in to /etc/rc.local if you are using centos/redhat.

    Here are steps:

    1. edit /etc/rc.local
    2. put the following lines
    ambari-server restart
    ambari-agent restart
    3. If you would like to start other hadoop services during reboot, please add startup commands to /etc/rc.local

    Hope this helps



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