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    Please let me know the JIRA numbers of there is any work planned for adding/customizing any new service like Flume, Storm or any existing service on Ambari dashboard. How will I add my new service like Storm if I want to monitor through Ambari. As of now I think it’s customizing/modifying existing Ambari source code from github which can do this but I do not want to it to be repetitive task if same is being considered by Hortonworks already in upcoming release.

    Please help me.

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    Thanks Jeff. This is I believe modifying the source code and deploying to run this behavior. I am more interested to add and configure any new service like Storm so that I can monitor storm running on different hosts.
    I have also created a JIRA story (AMBARI-2813) and linked to parent story (AMBARI-2714).

    I am seeing that there is no provision even to configure or customize the existing services like Ganglia through Ambari UI. I have used HDP1.3 release docs to install and configure HDP1.3 on my local centOS machine which is 1 node cluster and running all services fine.


    Jeff Sposetti


    Some info on adding new services to Ambari can be found on the Ambari project site. To add a service to Stack, you can checkout this wiki page…


    As for specific services you’d like to see added, please file a JIRA Improvement…


    And there is some discussion starting about making it easier to add new services to a Stack. You can follow the discussion here…


    Thank you,

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