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    Michael Peterson

    Suppose my ApplicationMaster spawns a Java application in YARN container X. If that Java application spawns additional processes on its own (not via the Resource Manager), are those processes still considered as part of “container X”? Or are they off-the-radar of YARN since I didn’t register them with YARN.

    Suppose that the AppMaster says that Container X should have 512 MB of RAM and by itself it uses that much, but when it spawns another process (say a native app) that might take up a couple hundred megs of RAM on its own. Does that additional memory usage count against Container X’s utilization of resources in YARN’s bookeeping? Or does container == process (1 container has 1 process)?

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    Koelli Mungee

    Hi Michael,

    Yes, on Linux, all the processes in the process tree spawned by the application in a container do count towards the resource usage for the container.

    Hope this helps.

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