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    Petri Koski


    I want to share this problem & solution with you:

    My case:

    I installed HDP 2.0 on Centos 64bit using Ambari. Something got wrong and I remove Ambari and reinstalled it. I started everything from giving a name to my cluster etc.

    Everything seemed to go well (I used that python script to fix problems like remove users, folders etc.) but Hive didn’t start.

    I got errors like “Cannot find driver for JDBC etc.)

    Problem was that for some reason my Configuration for JDBC URL was erased. It just said “jdbc” (Bug in Ambari scripts ?) so I changed that JDBC URI to:


    And now it seems to work.

    (I also entered post about this problem in different part of this forum crying for help, but I think its now solved)

    So is it a bug in Ambari installation Script or is it something I did .. But here is the solution anyway.

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