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    Siyaram Vishwakarma

    1)I have installed oracle virtual box and on this i installed Hortonworks sandbox 2.0
    2) i logged in as hue (default user) and i have not done any changes in configurations settings…
    3)i have loaded a file and now i want to create table from this file…but
    I get the following error when i click on create table :

    HCatClient error on create table: {“statement”:”use default; create table nyse row format delimited fields terminated by ‘ ‘;”,”error”:”unable to create table: nyse”,”exec”:{“stdout”:””,”stderr”:”which: no /usr/lib/hadoop/bin/hadoop in ((null))\ndirname: missing operand\nTry `dirname –help’ for more information.\n Command was terminated due to timeout(60000ms). See templeton.exec.timeout property”,”exitcode”:143}} (error 500)

    Please help me..

    even i am not able to create table with option “create table manually”

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