Cannot access details of Tez jobs in Hue job browser

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    Any tez jobs that I start in HDP Sandbox 2.1 are listed in the hue job browser, but the job details are not accessible.

    http://localhost:8000/jobbrowser/jobs/application_1399046341271_0002 produces following output:

    Could not find job application_1399046341271_0002. The job might not be running yet.
    Job job_1399046341271_0002 could not be found: {"RemoteException":{"exception":"NotFoundException","message":"java.lang.Exception: job, job_1399046341271_0002, is not found","javaClassName":"org.apache.hadoop.yarn.webapp.NotFoundException"}} (error 404)

    From the logs, it seems that the job browser makes the correct call, but cannot interpret the result:

    [02/May/2014 09:48:30 +0000] http_client DEBUG GET
    [02/May/2014 09:48:30 +0000] access INFO hue - "GET /jobbrowser/jobs/application_1399046341271_0011 HTTP/1.0"
    [02/May/2014 09:48:30 +0000] resource DEBUG GET Got response: {"apps":null}

    When I execute this call manually, I get the following result:

    [root@sandbox ~]# curl
    {"app":{"id":"application_1399046341271_0011", [...]

    It seems that hue job browser is expecting an additional “apps” key in the json result instead of looking directly at “app”.

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    Hi Michael,

    Currently you cannot see Tez jobs in the Job Browser in Hue



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