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    Frank Catrine

    I have tried several things but cannot get the Sandbox to work. I get this error every time. Can anyone provide some guidance or suggestions?

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    Ulrich Guldborg

    Hi Frank

    You should use the ip you get when you start the sand-box followed by the port eg.



    Dinesh vhatte

    @Jamie Thomson: The notion you suggested works for me. Thanks a lot. I am able to connect to the sandbox via the IP address assigned to it within hyper-v.
    Like I replaced by the assigned IP adress.


    M Kumar

    I am having the same problem cannot open Web Admin Page
    very frustrating as I installed the 2.1 sandbox on VirtualBox same problem and downloaded and installed VM Ware version and still the same issue.
    Can you help? is the a bug with the Hortonworks build?
    Thinking to try Cloudera now unless this is sorted?
    I am running windows 8.1.


    Jamie Thomson

    Hello Frank,
    This may or may not help but I shall try anyway…

    I’ve spun up the sandbox for the first time this morning inside hyper-v running on Windows 8. From the host (i.e. Windows 8) OS i can connect to the sandbox via the IP address assigned to it within hyper-v (which in my case is I can also hit the hue endpoint at I can also hit a RESTServer endpoint at

    As I say that may or may not help but if you’d like me to try anything at this end please let me know.




    Did you try network adaptor setting as ‘Bridged’?


    C Morrill

    I’m experiencing the same problem with accessing sandbox web interface… I installed vmplayer and sandbox 2.1 (on my Windows 7 laptop). I tried using both host only and NAT and get could not connect on google chrome. I tried Should I be doing something else? Please help. thanks.



    Hi Frank,
    Try changing network adaptor settings to ‘Bridged’ and use the IP address that you see on Sandbox start and type IP address:8000 in your web browser. This worked for me.




    Hi Frank,
    Please make sure you can access This should access the Ambari UI. If you can access this URL, please then try This is to access Hue, the Graphical UI to interact with HDP. If that URL does not work, please ssh into the sandbox and execute service hue restart. That will ensure hue is up and running. Please then try it again. I hope this helps.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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