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    Mark Wilber

    Using rpms, I’ve installed hadoop and hive Attempting to configure a single-node cluster, I’ve successfully followed your instructions through Step 6.4. (I’ve got MySQL running with $hive_dbuser, $hive_dbname configured, working.) What happens:

    $ hive
    ERROR: Cannot load this JVM TI agent twice, check your java command line for duplicate jdwp options.
    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    agent library failed to init: jdwp

    I haven’t been able to find any solutions via search that wouldn’t require extracting source code, editing, re-compiling. Any suggestions less difficult than that?

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    Remus Rusanu

    This is likely caused by HADOOP-9455 https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-9455 “HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS appended twice causes JVM failures”
    There is a fix in 2.1.0-beta and you can inspect the patch for the fix, is a trivial edit of your hadoop-env.shc


    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to ask if you completed all required configuration in hive-site.xml. Can you please verify configurations for thrift, connectionURL, etc? Also instructions for HDP 2.0 can be found here:


    The link that you provided seems to point to HDP 1.2.

    Can you please verify that you are using correct instructions and setup configuration files, repositories, and directories correctly?

    Hope this helps,


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