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    Ahmed Faraz

    Hello there,

    I am facing issues while trying to introduce some of the new Capacity Scheduluer queues via Ambari, as soon as i tries to apply the changes in the Schedular YARN pops a message for RESTART but it failed to start successfully with the RESTART. I have to rollback the changes in Schedular and only afterwards YARN comes again in GREEN.

    What could be the casue of that as there is no furhter information availble for this on dashboard, does yarn logs can have any information but in which section?, i did tried that successfull on Sandbox.

    I am using Hadoop
    Subversion git@github.com:hortonworks/hadoop.git -r 02ad68f19849a0a986dac36b705491f6791f9179
    Compiled by jenkins on 2014-01-21T00:56Z
    Compiled with protoc 2.5.0
    From source with checksum 66f6c486e27479105979740178fbf0
    This command was run using /usr/lib/hadoop/hadoop-common-

    Best Regards,

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