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    I am developing on a 4 node cluster using HDP on CentOS 6. And I have developed a YARN application that is built on the distributed shell example. The example works fine when running on a single node cluster.

    When I submit the YARN application from a remote machine, then I get a “class not found” exception for a yarn configuration class because the classpath for the application master does not include the yarn jar files.

    On the 4 node cluster the “yarn.application.classpath” is properly configured and includes all of the correct directories. It looks like this:

    However, the system property “java.class.path” in the application master does not have the “yarn.application.classpath” entries included in it and so the required yarn classes are not found.

    How can I set the classpath correctly to include the entries from “yarn.application.classpath”?

    Thanks for any pointers or help.


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