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    I am running HDP on CentOS 5. I am developing a YARN application that builds on the distributed shell example.

    When I submit the application on a single node cluster the classpath, as given by system property “java.class.path”, in the Application Master has all wild card expansion done and produces a very long classpath. This classpath is correct and the Application Master runs properly.

    When I submit the same application to a 4 node cluster running the same version of HDP, then “java.class.path” shows “*” characters which have not been expanded to be the list of jar files in the named directory. Thus, I get “class not found” exceptions.

    On the 4 node cluster the value of “yarn.application.classpath” appears “as is” in “java.class.path” with no wild card expansion. Yet, in the single node cluster the value for “yarn.application.classpath” appears in “java.class.path” with all wild card expansion done.

    Is there perhaps a problem in our 4 node cluster configuration? Or is there possibly a bug in the YARN implementation for this setup?


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    I discovered that wild card expansion does occur when the path with the wild card refers to a directory and jar files that actually exist.

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