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    Diane Lai

    Hello, everyone. I recently sucessfull y install the HDP2.0 for windows on my computer. It also passed the smoke-test example. I am trying to compile my own mapreduce program via the command line. I used the command line: javac -classpath c:\hdp\hadoop-\hadoop- wordcountclass WordCount.java , however, it doesn’t work. I found there is actually no hadoop- under my c:\hdp\hadoop- folder. I would like to know how to compile mapreduce program with the HDP2.0 for windows. I am not really sure which jar files I need to set as the classpath. Could you please help me, Thank you very much!!!

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    SambaSivaRao Y

    Hello there,

    Can you use the class path same as “yarn.application.classpath” in yarn-site.xml.


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