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    Can any one please tell me how can i configure eclipse from windows 7 host with sandbox 1.3?
    I have already download the mapreduse plugin and and configure that with my eclipse. But not able to understand what entry should i put in
    Map/Reduce Master Host:
    Map/Reduce Master Port:
    DFS Master Port:

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    Hi Mrinal,
    For Map/Reduce Master Host, since it is single node, you can provide the ip to the sandobx. The Map/Reduce Master Port: is the jobtracker listening port, which is by default 50030. DFS Master Port is the namenode listening port which is by default 8020.

    Let me know if that helps.

    Kind Regards,



    Hey Mrinal,
    Did you find out a way how to make it works? Any information will be highly appreciated.

    Does anybody know whether its even possible in this environment? (windows 7, sandbox 1.3, eclipse MR plugin)

    Thanks in advance.

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