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    I’m new to Hadoop Technology and I’m evaluating using of HDP for my project.
    In my project all the data resides on Teradata and hence I need to move the data from Teradata into HDP intially to start with.I’m testing this data move.
    I understood that using sqoop I can connect to the Databae and import data + HDP also provides Teradata connector for this.
    I’ve installed HDP sandbox (that runs on CentOS on the Oracle Virtual Box) on my laptop.
    I’ve installed a 2GB verion of Teradata on my laptop on the Host operating system -windows 7 OS.
    Now How can i connect the HDP that is running on the virtual box to my Teradata database that is running on HostOS ?
    Could you help me how to say access a table from teradata DB that is on hostOS -so that I can import it -I’m bit worried that ports needs to be mapped between my laptop and virtual box.How is that possible ?
    Any Idea on this is very much appreciated
    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hi Jerome,
    Please have a look at this documentation -> http://hortonworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/bk_HortonworksConnectorForTeradata-1.1.1.pdf. There is port forwarding that takes place within the sandbox but you should still be able to connect. I hope this helps.


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