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    I have a line like the following:


    I am interested in extracting the lid, pid, ppt, and qty out of the line and creating a tuple for every entry in the pid, ppt and qty.

    I’ve been able to accomplish this for one of those fields with the following:

    logs = foreach logs generate
    REGEX_EXTRACT(original_path, ‘lid=([^&]+)’, 1) as login_id,
    FLATTEN(TOKENIZE(REPLACE(REGEX_EXTRACT(original_path, ‘.*pid=([^&]+)’, 1), ‘,’, ‘ ‘))) as pid;
    This gives me:

    1030023 000000000001076056
    1030023 000000000001072654
    1030023 000000000001067925

    However, I want to do this for the other two fields as well (leaving it at three tuples) and multiple flattens in the same foreach statement isn’t going to give me what I want.

    1030023 000000000001076056 996 1
    1030023 000000000001072654 246 1
    1030023 000000000001067925 366 1

    I am guessing this is going to require a UDF, but I’d like to know if there’s another way around it by using only the provided functions in Pig.

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