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    I had CentOS updates turned on. After installing HDP successfully and working with it, CentOS suggested updating some HDP component versions. Updates to some Nagios components were recommended along with the mysql Java connector. I allowed them to occur and then the cluster services would no longer initialize cleanly. I even erased the cluster but these newer versions somehow left cruft behind that prevented me from re-installing the cluster. I had to manually yum erase the offending versions and then start over.

    Hope this prevents someone else from wasting time.

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    Sasha J

    having automatic updates turned off is the common best practice for production machines, so this should not be the case for real run.
    In case of test/development systems, updates should not be applied to the components which HMC depending on.
    Hmc currently depending on exact version of pauper and nagios, so its update may make HMC broken or unstable…

    Thank you!

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