Error in installing datanode using ambari

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    We are facing following error while installing datanode. We are following the installation steps from hortonworks site for Centos 6. We are doing it with latest version of ambari. kindly help

    warning: Dynamic lookup of $ambari_db_rca_password is deprecated. Support will be removed in Puppet 2.8. Use a fully-qualified variable name (e.g., $classname::variable) or parameterized classes.
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snappy::Package/Hdp::Package[snappy]/Hdp::Package::Process_pkg[snappy]/Package[snappy]/ensure: created
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snmp/Hdp::Package[snmp]/Hdp::Package::Process_pkg[snmp]/Package[net-snmp-utils]/ensure: created
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snmp/Hdp::Package[snmp]/Hdp::Package::Process_pkg[snmp]/Package[net-snmp]/ensure: created
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snmp/Hdp::Snmp-configfile[snmpd.conf]/Hdp::Configfile[/etc/snmp//snmpd.conf]/File[/etc/snmp//snmpd.conf]/content: content changed ‘{md5}8307434bc8ed4e2a7df4928fb4232778′ to ‘{md5}f786955c0c36f7f5a4f375e3fe93c959′
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snmp/Service[snmpd]/ensure: ensure changed ‘stopped’ to ‘running’
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snmp/Service[snmpd]: Triggered ‘refresh’ from 1 events
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snappy::Package/Hdp::Package[snappy]/Hdp::Package::Process_pkg[snappy]/Package[snappy-devel]/ensure: created
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snappy::Package/Hdp::Snappy::Package::Ln[64]/Hdp::Exec[hdp::snappy::package::ln 64]/Exec[hdp::snappy::package::ln 64]/returns: executed successfully
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snappy::Package/Hdp::Snappy::Package::Ln[32]/Hdp::Exec[hdp::snappy::package::ln 32]/Exec[hdp::snappy::package::ln 32]/returns: executed successfully

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    Hi Vishal,

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Ambari install of HDP. Unfortunately the log snippet you posted doesn’t really tell us anything. Could you post the entire logs (ambari-agent and ambari-server) as mentioned in this post ?


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