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Error in resizing root volume of ec2instance

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    Anupam Gupta

    hi all

    I have created ec2 large instance running *centos*. i want to resize the root volume. i have followed below step:

    1. Go to the Instances management interface and stop the instance.

    2. Go to the Volumes management interface, find the one being used by the instance and select the Take Snapshot option.

    3. Go to the Snapshots management interface and find the newly created snapshot. Choose it and select the Create Volume option. Then, i enter the new (increased) size and select the same availability zone as the EC2 instance (from step 1).

    4. Go to the Volumes management interface, find the OLD volume, choose it and select the Detach Volume from instance option. Then, find the NEW volume, choose it and select the Attach Volume to instance option. Here I select the instance I want to have the increased partition and CHANGE THE DEVICE MOUNT POINT TO: “/dev/sda1″ (when i taking this i have an error .*Invalid value ‘/dev/sda1’ for unixDevice*. .so i take the device mount point to: *”/dev/sda”* and this mount point attached to instance.

    5. After the new volume is attached, I go back to the Instances management interface and start the EC2 instance again. Wait for it to come back online and connect to it through SSH.

    6. Login as root (sudo, etc) and run the “df -h” (no quotes) command to get a list of the mounted partitions.
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/xvde1 6.0G 2.5G 3.2G 45% /
    tmpfs 296M 0 296M 0% /dev/shm

    Here i am not seeing the new one, more likely its shows “/dev/xvde1
    6 gb instead of mine new one 10 gb.
    when i type the command

    *cat /proc/partitions*

    major minor #blocks name

    202 64 10485760 xvde
    202 65 6289416 xvde1

    when I have to extend the partition in order to simply run the command:
    “resize2fs /dev/xvde1″ .

    The filesystem is already 1572354 blocks long. Nothing to do!
    when i tried to
    “resize2fs /dev/xvde″

    resize2fs: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/xvde
    Couldn’t find valid filesystem superblock.

    its shows error
    resize2fs: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/xvde
    Couldn’t find valid filesystem superblock.

    Please some body guide me.
    Thanks in advance

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