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HDP on Linux – Installation Forum

Error while installing HDP

  • #11059
    Sumod Pawgi

    My configuration is
    Host OS – OS X, Mountain Lion
    4 GB RAM
    Guest OS – Cent OS 6.x
    1 GB RAM

    I have been trying the HDP installation since days now and still something is going wrong. Hence decide to post the entire log. I am sorry if it looks too much. But I have really tried figuring things out. This is my 3rd attempt to install HDP.

    “2”: {
    “nodeReport”: {
    “nodeLogs”: {
    “”: {
    “reportfile”: “/var/lib/puppet/reports/3-2-0/”,
    “overall”: “FAILED”,
    “finishtime”: “2012-10-15 18:14:41.950816 -04:00”,
    “message”: [
    “Using cached catalog”,
    “\”catalog supports formats: b64_zlib_yaml dot marshal pson raw yaml; using pson\””,
    “Caching catalog for”,
    “Found seluser default ‘system_u’ for /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz”,
    “Found selrole default ‘object_r’ for /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz”,
    “Found seltype default ‘puppet_etc_t’ for /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz”,
    “Found selrange default ‘s0’ for /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz”,
    “Creating default schedules”,
    “Applying configuration version ‘3-2-0′”,
    “\”requires Exec[puppet_apply]\””,
    “\”requires Exec[untar_modules]\””,
    “Skipping device resources because running on a host”,
    “Skipping device resources because running on a host”,
    “Skipping device resources because running on a host”,
    “Skipping device resources because running on a host”,
    “Skipping device resources because running on a host”,
    “Skipping device resources because running on a host”,
    “\”file_metadata supports formats: b64_zlib_yaml marshal pson raw yaml; using pson\””,
    “Finishing transaction 70328573288220”,
    “\”FileBucket adding {md5}f9966624311711f71537e3a6685e116d\””,
    “Filebucketed /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz to puppet with sum f9966624311711f71537e3a6685e116d”,
    “&id003 \”content changed ‘{md5}f9966624311711f71537e3a6685e116d’ to ‘{md5}ca0d7563cc8f2266905ec2d061fee201’\””,
    “\”The container Class[Manifestloader] will propagate my refresh event\””,
    “Executing ‘rm -rf /etc/puppet/agent/modules ; tar zxf /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz -C /etc/puppet/agent/ –strip-components 3′”,
    “Executing ‘rm -rf /etc/puppet/agent/modules ; tar zxf /etc/puppet/agent/modules.tgz -C /etc/puppet/agent/ –strip-com

  • Author
  • #11060
    Sasha J

    Unfortunately, the log you posted is too far from completion.
    It does not should any failures except overall status.
    Also, it is not clear at which stage you got he failure. Please, explain.
    And as a last note: 1 Gb of RAM is way too low for the hadoop functionality…
    Please, reconfigure your VM to at least (the lowest possible working configuration) 2Gb or RAM.

    Then repeat the installation and provide us with more detailed picture of the process.
    You can use script in the following post to gather some diagnostics info and provide it to us:

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