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    Siddharth Gawshinde

    I am installing HDP 2.0 using Ambari on AWS EC2. I installed Ambari and able to open the console. But when trying to register host list, it successfully installs agents and fails at registration with no much details in logs, It waits long on registering an fails,

    The repository used is ambari-, I am stuck on this very long now, please help. I did ambari-server reset, yum erase ambari-server, reinstall , reboot etc

    st-1.compute.internal, exitcode=0
    Setting up agent finished
    Registering with the server…
    Registration with the server failed.

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    Jeff Sposetti

    Do you see any hosts registered with the server? Maybe the agent did register but under a different hostname than you specified? Do you see the host here? And is it the hostname you expected?


    Confirm: on EC2, you used the internal private DNS hostname?


    Siddharth Gawshinde

    ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server’, ‘6.4’, ‘Santiago’)
    (‘redhat’, ‘6.4’, ‘Santiago’)

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