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    Alessandro Cagnetti


    I have setup HUE for users to log in and leverage the UI for Hive, Pig development and also browse the filesystem. For Security reasons I have activated full login on HDFS to INFO level (instead of default WARN). Any access with hadoop command line (create directory, upload file, delete file / dir etc…) is logged.
    However, I have noticed that HUE filebrowsing feature allows certain operations to HDFS that are not logged as they should be: deletion of a folder / file, creation of directories. The strange thing is that access to file is logged as it should be.

    Is there anything to do to enable logging of HDFS operations when using hue? I tought that logging in log4j enabled to INFO would log every single operation to HDFS…

    thank you

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    Hi Alessandro,

    Let me look into this for you and I’ll get back to you.
    You may need to increase the logging for webhdfs



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