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    Hi, I have an http server writing log files which I then load into HDFS using Flume
    First I want to filter data according to data I have in my header or body. I read that I can do this using an interceptor with regex, can someone explain exactly what I need to do? Do I need to write Java code that overrides the Flume code?

    Also I would like to take data and according to the header send it to a different sink (i.e source=1 goes to sink1 and source=2 goes to sink2) how is this done?

    thank you,


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    Sasha J

    Please, read flume documentation for the detailed explanation.
    In short:
    desired process could be accomplished by chaining few operations:
    1. RegEx interseptor will add label to the event, based on the RegEx matching
    2. Select or of type “multiplexing” will put events to the different channels, based on the label from interseptor.
    3. Each channel will push event to specified synk.

    Here is the docs:


    Search for “Fan out flow” for 2 and for “Regex Extractor Interceptor” for 1.

    Hope this help!

    Thank you!


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