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    We want our software to work with all hbases (cdh, hortonworks, IBM big insight ).is there a generic way to setup hbase client?
    Can same exact client setup with small config changes, point to any vendor hbase server?
    I mean same binaries and config files.
    I am new to hbase.


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    Hi Venkata,

    It may possible to have all of the different clients on one machine by changing the HOME_DIR and CONF_DIR for each component, such as HADOOP_HOME and HADOOP_CONF_DIR. Few notes on this change:

    1. Check the following scripts:

    [root@sandbox ~]# vim /usr/bin/hadoop

    [root@sandbox ~]# vim /usr/lib/hadoop/bin/hadoop

    2. This can cause some potential issues with clients that are using Hadoop commands such as Hive. Please add the same environment variables to the commands.

    Hope this helps.



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