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    Ardavan Moinzadeh

    I know that HDFS has the ability to log all file system access requests and in HDP is set to INFO by default, is there a way to see what users have accessed HDFS ? This is what I am currently seeing in hdfs-audit.log
    2013-08-23 00:06:31,257 INFO FSNamesystem.audit: ugi=hbase ip=/X.X.X cmd=listStatus src=/apps/hbase/data dst=null perm=null

    In this scenario I want to see what user have accessed hbase.

    Thank you

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    Hi Ardavan,

    You could tally up the times with /var/log/secure and see which user issued the su or sudo command to the user hbase.
    I am unaware of any way to trace this in HDFS due to the way the underlying UNIX system works. I.E the request comes from hbase as we can’t see the user before hand (especially due to su or sudo as a new shell is initiated)



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