hadoop – Map reduce on multiple cluster

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    Sorna Lingam

    I have configured Hadoop cluster . And im having two machines DEV140 and DEV144 When i run the mapreduce program using the following code

    hadoop jar /HDP/hadoop- -mapper “python C:\Python33\mapper.py” -reducer “python C:\Python33\redu.py” -input “/user/sornalingam/input/input.txt” -output “/user/sornalingam/output/out20131112_09″

    where : mapper – C:\Python33\mapper.py and reducer C:\Python33\redu.py is in DEV144’s local disk

    The Mapreduce job is performed only in machine DEV144 but not in DEV140 I have sufred for it But i could not find any resource. Kindly help me soon

    How can i run the mapreduce to use both machines that is in multiple clusters

    for more detail refer this link




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    Sorna Lingam

    Hi Seth Lyubich

    i traced down the error log and found this

    In machine DEV140 : python: can’t open file ‘C:\Python33\mapper.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

    Im getting this error log

    Actually im having my Map and reduce program in my DEV144 : machine local drive

    Now how can i resolve

    1 .Do i need to have my map and reduce program in all the cluster ?
    2 . How can i solve this ?



    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Sorna,

    I believe this was addressed on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19928671/hadoop-map-reduce-on-multiple-cluster . In addition JobTracker will manage where the task is being processed. If both TaskTrackers are up and configured with slots the tasks might get scheduled based on data locacality.

    Hope this helps,


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