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    Steve Hill

    I’m moving from 0.94 on Cygwin to 0.96 on native Windows, and the last hurdle I have to overcome is getting it to start as a Windows Service. I’ve found references to the ability to generate an XML file with service details/parameters via hbase.cmd –service, but not any details on how to actually install the service itself. Any pointers to documentation or tips on how to accomplish this?

    For some perspective, it’s a single-node system for use in a training environment to support a product feature that relies on HBase that won’t have much need for performance or much storage space in the training.

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    Enis Soztutar


    Yes you are right that –service arguments put out an XML description file to install the HBase daemons as windows services. HDP also comes with binaries that read that XML files and launch up the processes. The easiest way would be to use the MSI installer that comes with the HDP distribution to do the job.

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