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    I have a 2 node cluster HDP2 installed thru Ambari on Linux Rhel 5.8
    Server 1 hbase master and region server.
    I have data nodes on both the servers,but I did not install region server on server 2
    Everything is working fine. Replication factor is default 3
    Question is what’s the downside of not having a region server on server 2?
    Can I add the component thru Ambari as I see that option, when doing so, do I need to bring down all the services and then add?
    Any specific configuration changes I need to do after adding the region manager or will Ambari take care of it.?

    Please advice

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    Thanks Kenny, I added the region server to the server 2 thru Ambari and everything is good.
    Thanks again.


    Kenny Zhang


    The downside is you are not fully utilizing the computing resource within your cluster for hbase, and all the regions now are stored in the server 1.
    Yes, you can add component thru Ambari. You don’t need to bring down all the services. Ambari will populate the settings to the server 2 as server 1 for the region server.


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