Hbase not starting up

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    Hi all,

    This week my HDFS ran out of space so I changed to HDFS location from /var/Hadoop to my new partition /Hadoop/Hadoop/…..

    I copied the data over and all services where running fine again.
    Except Hbase is not starting anymore…

    When I start HBase I get no errors, after 5 seconds the ‘HBase master’ gets replaced by ‘Standby HBase master’ and 10 seconds later the ‘Hbase master’ jumps offline.

    How can I solve this?

    I get the following errors in my log file:

    2014-06-06 16:03:03,740 INFO [RpcServer.listener,port=60000] ipc.RpcServer: RpcServer.listener,port=60000: stopping
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,743 INFO [master:server01:60000] master.HMaster: Stopping infoServer
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,743 INFO [master:server01:60000.archivedHFileCleaner] cleaner.HFileCleaner: master:server01:60000.archivedHFileCleaner exiting
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,744 INFO [RpcServer.responder] ipc.RpcServer: RpcServer.responder: stopped
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,745 INFO [master:server01:60000.oldLogCleaner] cleaner.LogCleaner: master:server01:60000.oldLogCleaner exiting
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,745 INFO [RpcServer.responder] ipc.RpcServer: RpcServer.responder: stopping
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,745 INFO [master:server01:60000.oldLogCleaner] master.ReplicationLogCleaner: Stopping replicationLogCleaner-0x1467147ae200012, quorum=server03.rdo01.local:2181,server01.rdo01.local:2181,server02.rdo01.local:2181, baseZNode=/hbase-unsecure
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,746 INFO [master:server01:60000] mortbay.log: Stopped SelectChannelConnector@
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,748 INFO [master:server01:60000.oldLogCleaner] zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Session: 0x1467147ae200012 closed
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,748 INFO [master:server01:60000-EventThread] zookeeper.ClientCnxn: EventThread shut down
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,854 DEBUG [master:server01:60000] catalog.CatalogTracker: Stopping catalog tracker org.apache.hadoop.hbase.catalog.CatalogTracker@23d72e0d
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,854 INFO [master:server01:60000] client.ConnectionManager$HConnectionImplementation: Closing zookeeper sessionid=0x1467147ae200011
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,856 INFO [master:server01:60000] zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Session: 0x1467147ae200011 closed
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,856 INFO [master:server01:60000-EventThread] zookeeper.ClientCnxn: EventThread shut down
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,856 INFO [server01.rdo01.local,60000,1402063374987.splitLogManagerTimeoutMonitor] master.SplitLogManager$TimeoutMonitor: server01.rdo01.local,60000,1402063374987.splitLogManagerTimeoutMonitor exiting
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,858 INFO [master:server01:60000] zookeeper.ZooKeeper: Session: 0x346714989710014 closed
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,858 INFO [main-EventThread] zookeeper.ClientCnxn: EventThread shut down
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,858 INFO [master:server01:60000] master.HMaster: HMaster main thread exiting
    2014-06-06 16:03:03,859 ERROR [main] master.HMasterCommandLine: Master exiting
    java.lang.RuntimeException: HMaster Aborted
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.master.HMasterCommandLine.startMaster(HMasterCommandLine.java:192)
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.master.HMasterCommandLine.run(HMasterCommandLine.java:134)
    at org.apache.hadoop.util.ToolRunner.run(ToolRunner.java:70)
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.ServerCommandLine.doMain(ServerCommandLine.java:126)
    at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.master.HMaster.main(HMaster.java:2889)



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