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    Petr Novak

    We are considering HBase for our product.

    The problem is that we have a range of customers and some of them doesn’t need the scale HBase is designed for. For these customers couple of nodes is not an option. We don’t want to introduce another single node database in our application just to address couple of customers. We need HBase for large customers.

    Official guide clearly states that pseudo-distributed mode shouldn’t be used for a production. I can imagine that this statement is due to fact that there is no failsafe for the service and the performance isn’t the best. But technically I believe that it can run in this mode long-term if above features aren’t required for the customer. Or are there some other issues? Possibly it isn’t well tested in this setup?

    Small customers doesn’t require failsafe for the service. He just need that data will be safe on RAID5. Can we use pseudo for them?
    Can I virtualize a single machine into more nodes to meet node minimum requirement? Data would be on raid5.

    So in the end it boils down to a question – what is the minimum node amount for HBase you would support?

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