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    I am working on a 4 node cluster, 1NN, 1Sec NN and 2DN. I was trying to follow the tutorials on Hortonworks. I uploaded the file and also created the table ‘nyse_stocks’. However when I try to import data onto the created table, I get an error:

    IOException: Failed to replace a bad datanode on the existing pipeline due to no more good datanodes being available to try. (Nodes: current=[,], original=[,]). The current failed datanode replacement policy is DEFAULT, and a client may configure this via ‘dfs.client.block.write.replace-datanode-on-failure.policy’ in its configuration.

    When I checked on Ambari, I did not notice any bad datanode. All datanodes are working fine. Can anyone please suggest a good fix for this issue.
    Thank You

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