HDInsight 'GettingStarted' jobs failing

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    Gavin Joyce

    Hi. I’ve just installed HDInsight and all of the jobs I submit are failing. Firstly all the services have started ok, I’m trying out the ‘getting started’ jobs that act on the w3c weblogs.

    When I submit any of the example – MR, Hive or Pig. I get errors like this, saying that the Setup and Cleanup steps have failed.

    Submit Host Address:
    Job-ACLs: All users are allowed
    Job Setup: Failed
    Status: Failed
    Failure Info:JobCleanup Task Failure, Task: task_201210311653_0004_m_000002
    Started at: Wed Oct 31 17:28:34 GMT 2012
    Failed at: Wed Oct 31 17:28:51 GMT 2012
    Failed in: 17sec
    Job Cleanup: Failed

    When I look into these steps, I’m getting a HTTP error:

    HTTP ERROR 410

    Problem accessing /tasklog. Reason:

    Failed to retrieve stdout log for task: attempt_201210311653_0004_m_000003_0

    Can someone please advice what I’m doing wrong. This is a fresh install today. I guess there’s a permission error somewhere but dont know how to progress.

    Thanks for helping

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    Gavin Joyce

    thanks Robert. I’ll post on the msdn forum



    Hi Gavin,
    Researching the error with some quick searches seems to indicate that it can’t find a file path. Since this is the HDInsight version, it would probably be best to post it HDinsight forums http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/pl-PL/hdinsight/threads

    There should be more information in the task tracker logs that might give more detailed hints as to what’s causing the error.




    Gavin Joyce

    Hi Robert.
    It’s my workstation.
    Nodes in cluster – 1 (server version of HDInsight)
    HD Space – 320GB freee
    max heap size set for JobTracker – where do I find this please?

    from dfshealth
    118 files and directories, 70 blocks = 188 total. Heap Size is 122.12 MB / 3.56 GB (3%)
    Configured Capacity : 465.46 GB
    DFS Used : 2.49 GB
    Non DFS Used : 136.7 GB
    DFS Remaining : 326.26 GB
    DFS Used% : 0.54 %
    DFS Remaining% : 70.1 %
    Live Nodes : 1
    Dead Nodes : 0
    Decommissioning Nodes : 0
    Number of Under-Replicated Blocks : 9




    Hi Gavin,
    Can you provide the following information
    -number of nodes in the cluster
    -hard drive space
    -max heap size set for JobTracker


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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