HDP-1.1.0 Install Failure

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    Vish Rao

    I am new to Hadoop and been trying to install Hadoop on a windows 7 laptop. The hdp.log has the following which makes no sense to me because the cluster.properties file exists in multiple folder:-
    CAQuietExec: C:\windows\SysWOW64>call C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\\winpkg.cmd “C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\\..\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg.zip” uninstall -Verbose
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Logging to existing log C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\hdp-1.1.0.winpkg.uninstall.log
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: ENV:WINPKG_BIN is C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Setting Environment::CurrentDirectory to C:\windows\SysWOW64
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Current Directory: C:\windows\SysWOW64
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Package: C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\\..\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg.zip
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Action: uninstall
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Action arguments:
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Run-WinpkgAction C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\\..\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg.zip C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages uninstall
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: UNZIP: source C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg.zip
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: UNZIP: destination C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: UNZIP: unzipRoot C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: Unzip of C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg.zip to C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages succeeded
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: UnzipRoot: C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg
    CAQuietExec: WINPKG: C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg\scripts\uninstall.ps1
    CAQuietExec: HDP: Reading HDP layout from
    CAQuietExec: powershell.exe : No Cluster Properties file found, make sure the file C:\Hadoop
    CAQuietExec: InstallFiles\clus
    CAQuietExec: At C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\winpkg.ps1:118 char:23
    CAQuietExec: + $out = powershell.exe <<<&1
    CAQuietExec: + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (No Cluster Prop…stallFiles\clus
    CAQuietExec: :String) , RemoteException
    CAQuietExec: + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NativeCommandError
    CAQuietExec: ter.properties exists and contains the current cluster layout
    CAQuietExec: At C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-1.1.0-winpkg\scripts\uninstall.ps1:
    CAQuietExec: 25 char:14
    CAQuietExec: + throw <<<< "No Cluster Properties file found, make sure the file $EN
    CAQuietExec: V:HDP_LAYOUT exists and contains the current cluster layout"
    CAQuietExec: + CategoryInfo : OperationStopped: (No Cluster Prop… cluster la
    CAQuietExec: yout:String) , RuntimeException
    CAQuietExec: + FullyQualifiedErrorId : No Cluster Properties file found, make sure the
    CAQuietExec: file C:\HadoopInstallFiles\cluster.properties exists and contains the curr
    CAQuietExec: ent cluster layout
    Would really appreciate any help

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    Sasha J

    It looks like you did not read the prerequisites document…
    Windows 7 is NOT supported:

    2.2. Operating Systems Requirements

    The following operating systems are supported:

    Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)

    Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)

    Thank you!

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