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    Software: HDP 2.0
    OS: CentOS 6.4
    Cluster size : 1-NN,RM, 1-SN, 5 data node – test cluster

    I am seeing all the nodes reported as unhealthy in the Application Manager Cluster. Due to this ,the jobs are not getting executed. I am able to upload the files successfully from hadoop fs command line.

    >>> Following the snippet of the yarn-yarn-resourcemanager-xxxx.log
    qatstvm16.sensage.com:45454 Node Transitioned from NEW to RUNNING
    2013-06-24 20:04:48,999 INFO capacity.CapacityScheduler (CapacityScheduler.java:addNode(710)) – Added node qatstvm16.sensage.com:45454 clusterResource:
    2013-06-24 20:04:50,022 INFO rmnode.RMNodeImpl (RMNodeImpl.java:handle(324)) – qatstvm16.sensage.com:45454 Node Transitioned from RUNNING to UNHEALTHY
    2013-06-24 20:04:50,023 INFO capacity.CapacityScheduler (CapacityScheduler.java:removeNode(744)) – Removed node qatstvm16.sensage.com:45454 clusterResource:

    Any pointers to debug/fix this is much appreciated.

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