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    Lee Dowsett

    When installing HDP 2.1 I find that the HDFS permissions are not set to allow the hadoop user to run the smoke tests for hive and hcatalog, I had to chown the /hive/warehouse path

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    Bob Beauchemin

    Yes, I had this one, as well as the tez problem you mentioned earlier. Reported here:http://hortonworks.com/community/forums/topic/windows-hdp-2-1-install-instructions-glitches/. I used hive after fixing the tez problem to see if it worked anyway and must have inadvertently did something that added the permissions you mentioned. Then redid the smoke test and it worked. But smoke tests are supposed to work right after install, so I’d consider it a bug too.

    After going back and looking at my smoke-test output (I did it and save results to files multiple times), I never had the zk smoke test you reported in another posting.

    Eventually, I got all the smoke tests to work.

    So, does your HWI service start and run? We have two folks on forum who say “no”. ;-)

    Cheers and thanks for posting, Bob

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