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    Sean Leyne

    HDP 2.0 was announced in late October, so the fact that HDP 2.0 for Windows will not be available until “1st quarter of next year” (citation) suggests that Windows platform is a 2nd class citizen.

    I would love hear that this opinion/view is wrong.

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    Rohit Bakhshi

    Hi Sean,

    We are strongly committed to getting to cross OS platform parity for the Hortonworks Data Platform. We are far along that journey – working with the Apache community we are now at the point where we have the completely new architecture of Hadoop 2 certified for Windows Server.

    In 2014 we will get to simultaneous ships of the Hortonworks Data Platform across all Operating Systems – Windows Server and various flavors of Linux. We will also get to operational functional parity across all Operating Systems.

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