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    Rushi Soni

    We are getting started to install HDP on windows base system.
    We want to start with three node configuration of i7 /2TB HD/16GB RAM. We going to use one as master node and other two as slave node. If we going for windows please help us to understand, Should we install Windows Server on all three node or is it okay if we install windows server on only master node? Please suggest anything else which we need to clarify before going to install HDP on windows base system.


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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Rushi,

    Yes, Windows server 2008 or 2012 64 bit is required on every node in you cluster. Usually we recommend having more than 1 master nodes and more datanodes with multiple disks, etc. However, if you are doing prove of concept and will be running only small jobs this could work. Please note that in this configuration you will be able to replicate to only 2 nodes unless you run slave services on the master node as well. Please make sure that you master node has enough memory to accommodate all processes it will run. Consider allocating adequate amount of memory to Namenode process (generally 1GB for every 1 million of objects). For additional general considerations please check our cluster planning guide:


    Hope this helps,


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