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HDP on Windows – Installation Forum

HDP Installation – Windows Server 2012 – bootstrap_uninstall.cmd not found

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    I have a Windows server 2012 64 bit machine. I initially installed HDP for Windows 1.3.0 in my machine. When I ran the SmokeTest, the master & regionserver for Hive were not starting. So I uninstalled HDP ( by clicking uninstall from control panel) and removed all the exisitng folders under the hdp_dir ( C:\hdp\hadoop).
    Unfortunately, I also deleted the folders HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools and all the files under this folder :(
    After this uninstall, the HDP was still present under Control Panel, So I have removed the reg key for HDP from registry.
    Now when I try to re-install HDP using command line, I am not able to install.
    When checked the log file, it is trying to search for C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopSetupTools\bootstrap_uninstall.cmd and the installation is failing.
    I am assuming when we run the installer .msi, the HadoopInstallFiles & HadoopSetupTools folders will be created. But before going to this step, the installation is failing by searching for that bootstrap_uninstall.cmd.

    Is there a way to skip this step or get the files under HadoopSetupTools ?
    I am really stuck on this.


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    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Karthick,

    Thank you for trying HDP.

    For HBase issue please see:

    some suggestions from post above:

    1) Uninstalled HDP 1.3 from server
    2) Removed all old files from install folders
    3) From my Environmental Variable Path I removed all paths which has like C:\Program files (x86)\SQL
    4) Reinstalled HDP 1.3

    Regarding un-installation issue – can you please make sure that you successfully removed HDP from registry? Can you make sure that you can no longer see it in All Programs in Control Panel?

    Hope this helps.



    Hi Seth,

    I have removed the HDP entry from Registry. I searched for the reg key which i removed and it was not found.
    Also, in the control panel under programs, I no longer see the HDP entry.
    Is there any way to get the files under HadoopSetupTools folder ?


    Seth Lyubich

    HI Karthick,

    I have not seen this issue before, but you can try to put the files in the folder from other installation. If you don’t have files I can send it to you.



    Hi Seth,

    I got the files somehow. Thank you. After placing the files under the HadoopInstallFiles/HadoopSetupTools, I ran the install command again.
    Install again failed saying No Cluster Properties found.
    What I dont understand is why the installer is running the C:\HadoopInstallFiles\HadoopPackages\hdp-\scripts\uninstall.ps1.
    When I looked at this file, under the Main function as a first step it looks for under the HADOOP_NODE_INSTALL_ROOT path.
    So, I created this env variable with C:\hdp\hadoop and placed the cluster properties in this path.
    When I ran again, it started looking for all the installed files.
    So, I guess the HDP is not completely uninstalled or some property is set because the installer seems to think HDP is installed.
    Is there any way to override the installer and make it only install ?

    Also, I looked at the below thread,
    it says, if the hadoop user is already present then the installation will fail.
    I am not sure if the hadoop user is present. I checked the User accounts and it was not present
    Is there other way to check if hadoop user is present ? and if so how to remove it ?

    Under the HadoopInstallFiles/HadoopPackages we have two folders resources & scripts and I see all the individual scripts and zip files
    Is there any other manual step by step process to install using these individual files ?

    Thanks for your help!!!


    Seth Lyubich

    Hi Karthik,

    Please check to see if this is helpful.


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