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    Munjeong Kim


    I don’t want secondary node as data node. But when I install cluster using HMC, every node except namenode is datanode. As I know, Secondary node is for back-up when name node have some problem.. Is it possible select which node is data node?

    And, do I have to install ganglia & nagios server with hmc server?
    I installed namenode, job tracker, hmc server on same node(master).
    But there was puppet kick failed when I tried to install ganglia & nagios server on other node(not master). So I installed ganglia&nagios server on master, there was no problems.


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    Sasha J

    there is no way to put secondary name node on a separate node if you use HMC to install HDP.
    This will be just wasting of the resources, as secondary name node doing almost nothing, just grab editlog from the NameNode and merge it with FS image once in a while. All other times it sitting tight and doing nothing.
    As of ganglia and nagios, you can put it on any node in the cluster (you can select the node on the services selection page).
    Please, be more specific with puppet kick failure you mention. What is the error message? what logs saying about this? etc…

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