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    I have HDP2 which is working good.. But when we bring the firewall up, my simple Hive query select count(*) from table hangs . The minute I bring the firewall down the query wraps up in a sec.
    Please advice as I have configured the firewall as per the documentation in Ambari. I clearly see that when I kick off the job, its trying to use random ports…
    I tried setting yarn.app.mapreduce.am.job.client.port-range in mapred-site.xml , to give a port range so that it wont just randomly use ports.
    But on top of specifying a port range on the above, I still have the same issue.
    the job log does not say much just hangs.
    By the way, All services are up and running fine when the firewall is up.No alerts in Ambari. Its just that the job hangs.

    Please advice.

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