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    I have successfully installed odbc driver on my w7 32bit machine.
    I can browse through schema (table names, column description), but when it comes to sql query (for example from Microsoft Query), I got errors.
    Driver automatically adds catalog name and it is not accepted by hive/hive server. UserGuide (http://hortonworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Hortonworks-Hive-ODBC-Driver-User-Guide.pdf) sais that it is normal..

    my query:
    select * from foo

    driver query (captured with wireshark)
    select foo.id from HIVE.default.foo foo

    error thrown by hive server/hive:
    error code: ‘40000’
    error message: ‘Error while processing statement: FAILED: ParseExeption line: 2:17 cannot recognize input near ‘.’ ‘foo’ ‘foo’ in table source

    my conclusions:
    1) odbc knows the structure, reads it properly, changes * to column name.
    2) hive server and CLI don’t undersand HIVE prefix before schema name.
    3) same error occurs with manual query (select foo.id from HIVE.default.foo foo) in CLI

    any configuration changes on server side needed?
    help? :)

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