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    Conor Gelvin

    Whenever I try to build a table with an index, it gives me an error about not being able to contstruct a path from a null string. This is only after being forced to defer the rebuild because it errors and says I didn’t defer the rebuild.

    Also, I’m not being permitted to delete the empty tables that I cannot rebuild because they are indexed. I’m told it might be because of a dependency between the table and the index where I have to delete the index itself first… in which case, how do I go about doing that?

    Thanks in advance

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    Conor Gelvin

    So I’ve tried dropping the index before dropping the indexed table using the line:

    drop index if exists <index> on table <table>;

    But now it reports an error of not knowing what to do with <table>, and so i remove it and no error is reported, but it doesn’t remove anything, which makes sense because it doesn’t know where to remove anything from. What is going on here?

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