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    Matt Howard

    I used the automated install to install Hortonworks 1.3.1. After the install finished I tried creating a Hive table using a Hbase table. It fails to find the hbase master. After turning on debugging for Hive it was trying to connect using /hbase/root-region-server. In the hbase-site.xml the zookeeper.znode.parent is set to /hbase-secure. I tried to set the property correctly in the admin console but it gives an error that the property already exists. If I set the property at the Hive command line to set zookeeper.znode.parent=/hbase-unsecure it works fine. Any idea how I can fix this so Hive and Hbase are using the correct zookeeper.znode.parent?

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    Hi Member,

    The configuration of the zookeeper znode parent changed from /hbase to /hbase-unsecure. You can add the configuration in hive-site.xml, so that the Hive client would use it all the time.


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