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    Anna Wysza

    I am trying to use hive odbc driver to connect to HDP cluster.
    1. when using 64bit driver with 64bit Excel on 64bit Windows server 2012 i get error that architecture of applicaton is mismatched. I get the same error when using with SSIS 2012 64bit tools on 64bit OS
    2. switching to 32bit driver with 32bit odbc (from syswow64\odbc32.exe):
    a)SQLSTATE: HY000[Hortonworks][Hardy](45) Error occured while calling Hive server to excecute query “use default”. Test completed with error.
    that’s using Hive Server 1 or Hive Server 2 from a drop downbox. Port 10000.
    b) when switching to port 10001 and Hive Server 2 ETIMEDOUT error occurs.

    Whether on local server or remote desktop with odbc tools I was not able to connect to HDP cluster using Hortonworks/Samba driver http://hortonworks.com/products/hdp/hdp-1-3/#add_ons . Can you please post what combination of settings should work for 64bit client tools?
    thank you

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    Yi Zhang

    Hi Anna,

    Have you tried a query on a table in the default database? you mean switching port on the hive side and switching it accordingly when you configure the ODBC driver?


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