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    Amin Amirali


    Im working with the following manual to prepare a “1 master / 2 slaves” cluster:


    All of the base stuff is installed, plus Pig. No other “extras”.
    While following the Hive installation, I noted that Hive Server2 is not getting started, as “netstat -anlp | grep 10000″ returns nothing.

    I was carefull to leave “hive.metastore.uris” parameter empty.

    Another thing that I noted: folder /var/run/hive does not contain any pids.
    But I can connect to the hive Metastore without a problem.

    Any ideas?


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    Amin Amirali

    looks like the issue was related to permissions on HDFS folder /tmp. It was owned by hdfs but user hive needed access to it (even though it had access to /tmp/scratch.

    So now for a simpler question, that should not take long for you experts to answer:
    Should folder /tmp be owned by hive?


    Amin Amirali

    would any body at least know if there is any dependency on the server2? That is, does it need any package installed (other than Hadoop and yarn)?

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