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    I am trying to run Hive Smoke Test and it fails with :

    warning: Unrecognised escape sequence ‘\;’ in file /var/lib/ambari-agent/puppet/modules/hdp-hive/manifests/hive/service_check.pp at line 32
    warning: Dynamic lookup of $configuration is deprecated. Support will be removed in Puppet 2.8. Use a fully-qualified variable name (e.g., $classname::variable) or parameterized classes.
    notice: /Stage[1]/Hdp::Snappy::Package/Hdp::Snappy::Package::Ln[32]/Hdp::Exec[hdp::snappy::package::ln 32]/Exec[hdp::snappy::package::ln 32]/returns: executed successfully
    err: /Stage[2]/Hdp-hcat::Hcat::Service_check/Exec[hcatSmoke.sh prepare]/returns: change from notrun to 0 failed: /tmp/hcatSmoke.sh: line 26: hcat: command not found
    /tmp/hcatSmoke.sh: line 27: hcat: command not found
    /tmp/hcatSmoke.sh: line 28: hcat: command not found

    Also there is some alert :
    Hive Metastore status check CRIT for a day
    CRITICAL: Error accessing hive-metaserver status [/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_hive_metastore_status.sh: line 39: hcat: command not found]

    Any idea?

    Thank you!

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