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    Thomas Vial

    We are trying to create HBase-backed tables in Hive. We are using HDP 2 with HBase and Hive or (neither will do).

    Table creation is failing, and we are wondering why. The classpath appears to be correctly set, so does the connection to zookeper, after setting HADOOP_CLASSPATH, hbase.zookeeper.quorum and hbase.master.

    When we issue the CREATE TABLE statement, HIve client freezes for a minute or so then fails with “java.io.IOException: Failed to find location, tableName=hbase:meta, …” on the client. Apparently, it’s happening when Hive is reading table metadata from HBase.

    Any idea what might be causing that?


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    Nick Dimiduk

    Hi Thomas,

    Can you try including the hbase config directory in your hive classpath? I usually specify:

    $ export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=/etc/hbase/conf:/usr/lib/hbase/hbase-security.jar:…
    $ hive …

    Also note that there is a known bug in the combination of HBase + Hive we shipped in HDP-2.0; you won’t be able to load data into HBase from Hive. See HIVE-5515. I believe we’ll be shipping that patch with the next patch release. In the mean time, things should work for you on a HDP-1.3 release (HBase 0.94 + Hive 0.11).


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