Hortonworks 2.1 URL not accessible from host browser

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    Shahzad Aslam

    Ok now i am exhausted all possible actions i can take to make the url accessible form host computer browser. I am using VirtualBox to launch the technical preview of 2.1 and look like machine initializes as normal because at end i am given a URL to be typed on my host computer browse. Now when i access that URL ( from browser it does not show up any application. The problem is both on my laptop and desktop. I can also ping the machine using IP and it show the server is live. here is my configurations for network

    Adapter 1 – Host only adopter with Promiscuous Mode set to Allow All
    Adapter 2 – NAT

    also i check that there is VirtualBox Host only ethernet adapter in options -> network and DHCP is enable (that is why i guess machine is getting IP)

    Any suggestions what sholud i check i guess there is proxy or firwall issue if there let me know how to resolve


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    Vivek Raman

    Try using : http://sandbox.hortonworks.com:8000/ or from main URL of http://sandbox.hortonworks.com

    Should be on NAT (please ensure proxy is disabled in FF / source system)


    I have the same problem as explained above. I tried all the suggestions provided so far. Is there any solution to access the page ?


    Jack Price

    I use the and it works. I am not sure if you still have that problem.


    Shahzad Aslam

    Yes i did try to access with 127.0.01:8888 no access. and now guess what i also downloaded VMWare image and started it. same results, no access. i have the IP in the virtual machine that means it got the IP and i also can ping it. one thing that i did when i install vmware, i remove the NAT network adopter and just added Host-Only with defaults.

    I have this problem both on desktop and laptop


    Saptak Sen

    Have you tried accessing from your host machine.

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