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    Shlomi Hassan

    i am searching for instruction how i can manage to install hortonworks (hdp) cluster, using ambari as a silent installation. i saw in the manual of ambari-server that there are option to do it but it used the default values.

    amabri-server setup -s (Setup runs silently. Accepts all default prompt values.)

    my question is how i can do it? and how i can change the default values?

    the reason i need it is for our nightly build .

    thanks in advanced shlomi

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    Jeff Sposetti

    There is work underway with Ambari to expose an API to do automated installs (w/o running the wizard). You will be able to create a “blueprint”, hand that blueprint to the Ambari Server, and it will install the cluster to that spec.

    You can follow this JIRA for progress. Thank you.



    Shlomi Hassan

    i want to automate the wizard also is it possible ?

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