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Hue connection delay

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    K. Eric Harper

    Gentlemen, thank you for your attention. I have Hue 2.3.0-102 installed on CentOS 6.5 with Ambari and all the HDP 2.0.6 services running. The Hue server is set to start automatically on boot and the logon web page renders immediately in the browser running locally on the same machine. However, after providing the logon credentials it takes five minutes to complete access to the user session. The UI is then responsive switching between the different tools. Might you suggest how to track down the root cause for this connection delay? A simple test scenario is to request the About page, this also takes about five minutes to complete. I notice the logon automatically requests the About page, may that is the issue? I have database transaction logging turned on in hue.ini but this does not provide details about the hue server activities.

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    Hi Eric,

    Do you have the key: use_cherrypy_server=true

    in your hue.ini?



    K. Eric Harper

    I appreciate your assistance in this matter, Dave. With regard to your question about the cherrypy_server setting, I had duplicated the configuration from the HDP VMware sandbox /etc/hue/conf.empty.conf/hue.ini file and explicitly set the property to false. Changing it to true and restarting the Hue service does not have an impact on the initial connection delay, or the delay when requesting the About page. Is it time to debug the Python process execution? Might you have some guidance on the necessary tools and steps?

    K. Eric Harper

    Sorry for the confusion, the location of the Hue config file is /etc/hue/conf.empty/hue.ini. There is also a conf directory, which is the one to use and where is the configuration directory specified?


    Hi Eric,

    It is located in /etc/hue/conf/hue.ini

    If you disable the “About” Page (change the default landing page for users?), do you still see Hue hanging?



    K. Eric Harper

    Partial good news, Dave, at least we have narrowed down the issue. I reset my VM back to before Hue was installed and reinstalled based on what I have learned. I used the /etc/hue/conf directory for the hue.ini edit changes, including setting the use_cherrypy_server property to true. Once HDP was back up and running I started the Hue service and logged on for the first time. I logged out and changed the logon screen URL from …?next=/about/ to …?next=/filebrowser/ and hit Enter. I put in the logon credentials, pressed the Sign in button and the File Browser panel came right up. Looks like the About screen process for collecting all the HDP configuration information is the delay. What do you think and might you suggest next steps?


    Hi Eric,

    Can you attach the output of:

    hadoop version
    rpm -qa | grep hue

    If you “Check Hue for misconfiguration” is anything shown?

    Can you zip up you /var/log/hue directory and email it to me?
    I’ll ping you a mail to your address you registered with when you respond here.



    K. Eric Harper

    Yes, I can provide you with all the details you need. I will await your PM.

    Michael Morello

    I have the same problem.
    It is stuck on a sudo command done as ‘hue’ user :

    1 8507 8506 8506 ? -1 Sl 1005 0:00 python2.6 /usr/lib/hue/build/env/bin//supervisor -p /var/run/hue/ -l /var/log/hue -d
    8507 8512 8506 8506 ? -1 S 1005 0:03 \_ python2.6 /usr/lib/hue/build/env/bin/hue runspawningserver
    8512 8559 8506 8506 ? -1 S 1005 0:02 | \_ /usr/bin/python2.6 -c import sys; from spawning import spawning_child; spawning_child.main()
    8559 9979 9979 9979 pts/3 9979 Ss+ 0 0:00 | \_ /usr/bin/sudo kill -0 13991 <<<—- stuck here !
    (FYI The process 13991 is the hbase master)

    Source code is about/src/about/ @ line 205 :
    sudo.kill(“-0”, file(conf.HBASE_PID_FILE.get()).read().strip())

    Not sure what to do, any help would be appreciated.

    Hue 2.3.0-102
    HDP 2.0.6
    Hadoop 2.2.0
    HCatalog 0.12.0
    Pig 0.12.0
    Hive 0.12.0
    Oozie 4.0.0
    Ambari 1.4.3
    HBase 0.96.1

    Ricardo Colon


    I have the same issue and it’s really frustrating.
    CentOS 6.5 and HDP 2.0.6 installed via Ambari.
    I have CherryPy set to true and it makes no difference.

    Logging into Hue initially takes 10 minutes regardless of the web browser.
    The browser hangs for 10 minutes. Once it gets into Hue, the interface is very quick.

    Not sure if it is the about page hanging the site.

    Terry Padgett

    To work around this issue, I added the hue user to the sudoers file using visudo and restarted the hue service.
    -> visudo
    -> service hue restart

    The lag for the display of the About page disappeared after these changes. The root cause still requires a code change in Hue but this will get you running again.

    The environment used is HDP 2.0.6 on REHL 6.4.

    K. Eric Harper

    This issue is resolved in Hue version 2.3.1-390.

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