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    I am planning to write a frontend for my Hadoop application using Hue. I successfully installed Hue manually in my Ambari installed HDP 2.0 cluster. I would like to create a Hue app as described in the Hue SDK http://cloudera.github.io/hue/docs-2.0.1/sdk/sdk.html

    If possible, I would like to develop in my existing Hortonworks Hue rather than using a different Hue and, in any case, the final program must be able to run on any Hue.

    Is there an alternative SDK for Hortonworks Hue or do I have to use Cloudera’s on Hortonworks HDP?
    I someone developing Hue apps in this forum? Can anyone share recommendation for the first steps?

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    Steve Latif

    Its been 10 months maybe someone can respond to this ?
    I have the same requirement. I’ve sort of got the calculator example from the HUE samples, but the sample code is broken and there are still issues with it. Some updated examples and documentation would be nice.


    Kushagra Thakur

    I have a similar requirement as Santiago. I need to build a small web application similar to HUE that can query Hive/Pig etc. Can anyone from Hortonworks help us out with the same?


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