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    I am planning to write a frontend for my Hadoop application using Hue. I successfully installed Hue manually in my Ambari installed HDP 2.0 cluster. I would like to create a Hue app as described in the Hue SDK http://cloudera.github.io/hue/docs-2.0.1/sdk/sdk.html

    If possible, I would like to develop in my existing Hortonworks Hue rather than using a different Hue and, in any case, the final program must be able to run on any Hue.

    Is there an alternative SDK for Hortonworks Hue or do I have to use Cloudera’s on Hortonworks HDP?
    I someone developing Hue apps in this forum? Can anyone share recommendation for the first steps?

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    Kushagra Thakur

    I have a similar requirement as Santiago. I need to build a small web application similar to HUE that can query Hive/Pig etc. Can anyone from Hortonworks help us out with the same?


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